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Flow Observatorium, together with Portsmouth Autism Community Forum (PACF), has set up KoCreate; running free creative sessions for Neurodivergent (ND) Creatives, both online (via Zoom) and face-to-face (in Portsmouth) every Wednesday from 12-2 pm.

Autistic People often face acute isolation, health inequality and self confidence issues which seem to have been exacerbated by Covid-19 and the lockdowns. Also we know that creative activity boosts wellbeing benefiting our sense of belonging, vital for maintaining good Autistic mental health and proving that, given the right opportunities, Autistic people can be creative in many different ways.


We invite you to join other ND creatives for a series of creative sessions. We offer a peer-supportive and relaxed working space with drawing, written word, model making, sculpture, photography, and more on offer. No previous experience is necessary. We study a new theme every month- past examples of this are creating patterns and mini landscapes in boxes, drawing to/from music and looking at outside project ideas to collaborate on.

We also run a Zoom-only session every other Wednesday from 6-7pm- ND Creatives can join in via Zoom from anywhere in the country- or, dare we say, the world! We have formed a small core group, which we are looking to expand.


Sessions are run by Neurodivergent artist Jon Adams and you can join in and engage as deeply as you wish (camera on/off, mic on/off, even just to observe!)


Some of our face-to-face sessions have been outside, for instance, meeting in Kingston cemetery (full of nature- birds, squirrels, etc.) and visiting Southsea beach, gathering materials and ideas for projects. The conversations we have had have been about sharing and supporting one another too.

If you are interested, please find us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know.

Please enjoy a selection of work produced below.

This project has been initially funded through Thriving Communities Social Prescribing Project and Arts Council England 

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