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You can help make a change 

Flow Observatorium is an equality and diversity charity, set up with funding from Arts Council England in 2017, that aims to become a national hub for, and led by, Neurodivergent people.


Through creative endeavour, FlOb (Flow Observatorium) support Neurodivergent people to make work, collaborate, and engage within society, the cultural sector and support the co-creation of attitudinal and physical ‘safe spaces’ for Neurodivergent people to lead fulfilled lives. We are campaigning for parity and fair play in all the various arenas in which neurodivergent people participate. We are the lead for ‘Portsmouth City of Sanctuary for Autistic People’ and support, talk with organisations and Neurodivergent people around the globe.


As well as this, we collaborate with universities on academic papers, projects, and empirical evidence to support the advancement of Neurodivergent understanding, culture, and creativity. We feed into research on issues such as autistic peoples Mental Health 


We are actively promoting an attitudinal climate change in society and campaign for recognition of Neurodiversity as distinct diversity category to include both NT and ND, along with recognition of the many Neurodivergent cultures that exist within our ‘neurodiverse’ human race.


We especially challenge traditional attitudes towards autistic people, championing and encouraging autistic-led understanding and autistic informed access on their terms.

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